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1 pm - 3 pm


Are you interested in building your business with the Indian American Consumer?

Join us for our expert panel and Learn to Work with the Indian-American Client in the most cultural and professional manner. 

Our experts will address:


  • The Indian American population has grown immensely in the Bay Area and their influence is felt in all economic sectors, especially in real estate.

  • What do we as professionals need to know about the Indian Culture to enjoy the best business relationships and develop the good communication skills in our real estate transactions?

  • Our Expert Panel will cover the following:

    • How to Win with the Indian-American Real Estate Client  

    • Their Buying Power in the Bay Area and US                                                

  •  What are their Highest Priorities when it involves family, business and wealth building? The Art of Negotiation How to Market to this Dynamic Consumer Group. Gaining Referrals. What matters most to their Culture, Lifestyle, Education and much more.

The panel will be followed by a luncheon and networking with our panelists.

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