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JANUARY 29, 2024

10:30 AM - NOON


Join us for an insightful presentation by Attorney Anthony F. Ventura and KW Silicon City leaders to learn about new local & state laws and trending legal issues that can impact your real estate business in the New Year, including the latest updates on NAR's lawsuits, compensation, competition, Buyer Broker Agreements and more.

About your Speaker:

Tony Ventura is a real estate attorney with more than 25 years’ experience representing buyers, sellers, real estate agents and brokers in both residential and commercial matters. Tony represents clients in civil lawsuits, arbitration, mediation and administrative proceedings.

In representing homeowners, Tony handles disputes arising from non-disclosure in the purchase and sale of real property, easements, boundaries, title, partition actions, specific performance actions and HOA claims.

In representing real estate agents and brokers, Tony provides advice on pending transactions, insurance coverage and risk management issues. Tony also defends real estate professionals from claims of negligence, breach of contract or breach of fiduciary duty in civil lawsuits, before the Department of Real Estate and before local real estate boards.

Tony was born and raised in San Jose. After graduating college at Loyola Marymount University and law school at the University of Southern California, he returned to San Jose to begin practicing law. Tony and his partners founded Ventura Hersey & Muller in 2013.

Tony understands the stress, cost and risk of litigation. He strives to provide his clients with the best advice early in the process so they may decide how to proceed from the outset of the dispute. Tony also aims to respond to each client’s email or telephone call within 24 hours. His goal is to be available for his clients, explain the process and provide advice that they can rely upon in deciding the path for their case.

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